Hosting an Event

Changing Sky Retreat lends itself to many different kinds of experiences and we welcome any group that understands the power of nature to transform and that respects the land, the wildlife, and the retreat community. We are called to cultivate a community that feels connected to the land. We believe that those who are destined to come to the retreat will be changed in a way that will benefit them, their community and those that they serve.

We welcome facilitators and educators to visit Changing Sky Retreat to determine if it is a good fit for their work!  You may stay in the accommodation of your choice for one night free of charge, subject to availability. We will give you a tour of the land, host you for a meal and discuss how we can make your event truly special. We want you to experience the magic of the land!

2-junipers-smEvent possibilities

Yoga/mediation retreat
Vision Quest
Spiritual Retreat
Astronomy Club outing
Natural history study or exploration
Experiential learning workshop on the land
Native American or Indigenous ceremony
Writer’s retreat
Photography workshop
Healing retreat
Wilderness therapy
Drum circle community gathering
Archery or other outdoor skills workshop
Celebration – wedding, life passage.
Wisdom council
Wilderness rite of passage

What can you imagine happening at Changing Sky Retreat?