Mission & Vision

learning-on-the-landChanging Sky Retreat is a nature-based venue with a mission to promote self-actualization through experiential learning.

We envision that visitors will emerge from Changing Sky Retreat with some new learning, awareness or perspective that leads to positive change in their life.

We will do this by:

  • Inviting a diverse and collaborative community of educators, guides, facilitators and organizations to use the land to foster transformative learning experiences
  • Providing unique accommodation and meeting space for groups to engage in experiential and reflective learning on the land.
  • Protecting and preserving the land so that it may be enjoyed by future generations.

The Stewards

leigh-emma-hansen-4Emma and Leigh Hansen are the stewards of Changing Sky Retreat.

Emma Hansen is an experiential educator and leadership guide.  In 2003, Emma answered the call to leave the corporate world and to explore the role of transformative learning in leadership development at Prescott College where she earned a Master of Arts Degree in Education. She combines many different disciplines into her offerings and is excited about offering diverse facilitators an opportunity to bring their work to Changing Sky Retreat.

Leigh Hansen was a successful entrepreneur with businesses in sales and service industries. He now oversees the development of the site infrastructure and property maintenance and co-hosts visitors at the retreat.

The Hansen’s discovered the land in 2005. Together they have hosted many people there for camping retreats, events and celebrations over the last 11 years. They are committed to protecting and preserving the land so that it may be enjoyed by future generations. The land is kept in a trust and will be gifted to an educational institution when the Hansen’s are no longer able to steward it.