The Land

The 80-acre site is situated on the eastern side of a land mass known as Black Mesa.  Black Mesa is a remnant of a large basalt flow that is associated with the Springerville Volcanic Field and the site is covered with basalt which is a black, volcanic rock. The rocks of this flow are approximately 1.5 million years’ old. The land is covered with old growth juniper trees and amazing rock formations. The ancient land and endless horizon create a unique place to disconnect with the modern, technological world and to reconnect with ourselves and to be in community with others in nature.

There is evidence that humans have intermittently occupied the land over the last 7,000 years. Ruin sites dot the land and many artifacts have been found attesting to the presence of the ancient, indigenous communities that lived on Black Mesa.

The high-desert location is inhabited with jack-rabbits, cotton-tail rabbits, deer, antelope, large variety of lizards and snakes, coyotes and many species of birds and insects.  During the spring and fall, it’s common to see large flocks of migrating birds. Every visit brings a new animal encounter. One spring we had mating tarantulas!